Neuland  Paster & Geldmacher


A steel pipe construction winds through luscious leather gracefully imitating the backbone of an elephant, creates the comfortable seating pod in one flowing move which comes to its conclusion in the elegant swing of the arm rests.

The Elephant chair impresses by its unusual details. Shape, material and fabrication produce a graceful melody – reduced to simple notes without losing the beauty of the sound. This harmonious play of construction, aesthetics and pure quality which appears to come together without effort allows this chair to have rightful ambitions to become a must-have item. A well executed marriage between functionality and comfort – and moreover a wholly sensual experience.


Elephant Chair

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The chair Elephant was awarded Best of Best of the interior innovation award 2012.

We thank the jury for that honor! Special thanks to Kristalia for the amazing collaboration!



The initial idea for the storage-system Blio comes from the traditional concept of a bi-blio-teca:

The fascinating visual impact of bookshelves in lateral view, that you can only explore by entering one of the dividing corridors. The active way of entering a bookshelf instead of just standing in front of it, intensifies the often thematized subject of immersing into the world of books.

Of course BLIO is not a public library, but a touch of library for your office or your home - just as Blio is a glimpse of the word bi-blio-teca.

This concept also implicates a new appearance of bookshelf: 

Usually you enter a room, looking at the side of a bookshelf (which is mostly not the sunny side). What a disappointment: You are curious in this very first moment, but you see only a board and maybe some narrow coloured stripes generated by the spines. While finally relaxing on your couch, all the backs of your books are taking your attention. 

With Blio it´s the opposite: Standing in the door, you are attracted by a composition of spines. While chilling on your sofa, you see nothing but a quiet arrangement of white surfaces. You´re in the mood of reading? Then it´s time to explore Blio´s secret compartments.