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Books are the carriers of wisdom and poetry, of science and philosophy, of anarchy and revolution. The carriers of minds  and thoughts, and as free as thoughts are, a books life should be granted to be.

In accordance to human functional and social imperfections we usually force the most valuable possession of mankind in orthogonal patterns. Easy to understand, easy to control!

But everything lives by itself. It randomly creates its own environment. The book on the shelf communicates its content, its back formulates the longing for attention.

So we are obliged to respect the books inherent content. We need to give way to this longing. We need to break the patterns that constrict the expansion of mind.

So we created Random. The shelf where every book finds its true place!



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a symphony of books

bookcases host many different kinds of books with different heights, different widths, colors, languages, pictures, materials and more. In this variety we discovered a superposed rythm. We discovered the ingrediences for a piece of music.

every component counts as a note. Shelves, space, books, color and more have to be arranged in an orderly pattern.

the cascading appearance of a single shelf in combination with a neighbouring second bookcase appears like a symphony, like a musical arrangement. Developing melody was more of a composing act than designing.

It was the attempt to find the right tune, the right rythm where it starts to swing, the right arrangement where music comes to your home. Melody is the opera for your home and you are the audience...


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“When we developed Random we were driven by the idea of the singularity of books and the uniqueness of the relation between reader and book. Every book was supposed to recieve its true place and space in a bookcase.

By observing peoples use of Random, we noticed that it wasn`t host for books only.  Memorabilia, souvenirs, sculptures also found their way between the books.

That made us think of the storing habits. Why do people store what items in which way?

And we quickly discovered the play between concealment towards displaying.

There is a linear transition from items being tucked away and the ones brought on display.

It is not caused singularly by functional matters, that could be reduced to the frequency of use or the size of the item, but also by the expression of the emotional liaison to an object.

The hidden could be the less liked or the most secret, the visible could be the most important or prestigious.

So we created  a playground for this paradigm.

From total concealment to explicit exposition you now find the right space for every personal item.

Random Cabinet gives the possibility to put away the unneeded, the unwanted, the precious or the secret.

Random Box leaves places to display the important, the beautiful or the frequent used objects and to hide the valuable, the things worth being protected  whilst Randomito is the pure sketch of storage. It builds a frame for the prestigious and the loved.  “

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If a company presents a new cabinet system, it usually means a new shape of the front, new colors, new materials or a new opening mechanism: All innovation related to the appearance of the frontal surface.

The lateral view of a cabinet is mostly neglected in terms of innovation: Side-panels are panels on the side and for this is a bit boring they have to be covered by other cabinets or have to be arranged close to the wall.

Unlike this habit, Inmotion is a three dimensional innovation: Esthetically and funtionally it includes the side-panels just as much as the front-panels. 

It´s claim is to surprise you - no matter where in the room you are. Is it open or closed? Partly closed or partly open? Wasn´t it different a few seconds ago?

Inmotion is a new typology of cabinets: Neither is it a closed cabinet nor an open shelf, but also it´s not a cabinet with open and closed segments. By turning the treasure chambers you can show your secrets - or hide them : Inmotion is always in motion.

Inmotion is a system of freestanding cabinets, that don´t have to lean on to each other.

It´s like a good marriage: Cor-Relation instead of dependency.

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